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How is the stated message of a medium different from the implied message apex?

A. The stated message is the clearly identified point of the communication, while the implied message is not obvious right away.

What is the implied message in this example car ad?

Explanation: The advertisement implies that women don’t drive well because is being adressed to a woman and the announcer says that the car practically drives itself and no thinking is necessary.

Which is the best example of a telling detail?

In the given options, the one that is an example of a telling detail is a five-second audio clip of the sound of screeching tires for a radio program about car accidents, because it is a short audio that will get the audience’s attention and it immediately gives the idea of the theme of the program: “car accidents.”

What does directly stated mean?

1 in a direct manner. 2 at once; without delay. 3 foll by: before or after immediately; just.

What does not stated mean?

Not provided or available. (

What can I say instead of stated?

Stated synonyms

  • declared. declared as fact; explicitly stated.
  • expressed. By express.
  • held. To grasp or grip.
  • said. To recite.
  • told. To communicate by speech or writing; express with words:
  • submitted. To allow oneself to be subjected to something:
  • affirmed. To say positively; declare firmly; assert to be true.
  • avowed.

How do you say not started?

Unbegun: not commenced; not yet started; not having a beginning; always existing.

What is the synonym for stated?

said, declared, indicated, reported, asserted, affirmed, noted, expressed, mentioned, testified, claimed, told, argued, announced, explained, contended, outlined, specified, shown, described, indicates, commented, stipulated, advised, referred, clarified, pointed, contained.

Who implied powers?

In the United States federal government, the term “implied powers” applies to those powers exercised by Congress that are not expressly granted to it by the Constitution but are deemed “necessary and proper” to effectively execute those constitutionally granted powers.

What is an example of a implied power?

An example of implied power is when Congress passes legislation on national health care based on the power granted to Congress by the Constitution to collect taxes and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States.

What is an example of an implied right?

Probably the most notable implied constitutional right in Australia is freedom of speech. Unlike fundamental laws like the United States Constitution, where freedom of speech and other rights are explicitly protected, the Australian Constitution contains no such express right.

What are the five express rights?

These are the right to vote (Section 41), protection against acquisition of property on unjust terms (Section 51 (xxxi)), the right to a trial by jury (Section 80), freedom of religion (Section 116) and prohibition of discrimination on the basis of State of residency (Section 117).

What is an express right?

Express rights are sometimes called specific rights or entrenched rights. As the name suggests, express rights are clearly expressed or outlined in the text of the Constitution. They are clear, concrete and can only be removed by changing the wording of the Constitution.

What does the Constitution actually do?

First it creates a national government consisting of a legislative, an executive, and a judicial branch, with a system of checks and balances among the three branches. Second, it divides power between the federal government and the states. And third, it protects various individual liberties of American citizens.