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How would you describe Starr from the hate you give?

Starr is analytical and sharp, but because she narrates events as she experiences them, her emotions are immediate and unfiltered. Traumatized after witnessing the fatal shooting of her friend Khalil, Starr blames herself for not being there for Khalil prior to his death.

How does Starr change in The Hate U Give?

Throughout The Hate U Give, Starr grows from an uncertain teenage girl to an outspoken activist for change in her community. Maverick states that he chose Starr’s name because she was a light in a dark time for him. Throughout The Hate U Give, Starr acts as a light of hope and truth for many of the characters.

Why does Starr feel like she is also on trial when she testifies in front of the grand jury?

With the support and love of her family, Starr finally feels ready to face the grand jury. The DA asks if Starr is ready to tell the grand jury what happened. Starr feels terrified and wants to hide, but refuses to let the people praying, her parents, or Khalil down.

Does Starr get justice for Khalil?

rising action After One-Fifteen shoots Khalil, Starr gives a statement to the police about what happened. climax Starr testifies before the grand jury, finally bringing to light the full truth of what happened the night Khalil died. After this testimony, Starr has done all she can do to seek justice for Khalil.

How does Starr start speaking out about Khalil?

Soon, hundreds of people have liked her photos and begin posting their own memories of Khalil. Someone posts a video of Tupac explaining “Thug Life,” and Starr finally feels like she fully understands what it really means. Starr’s Tumblr is her first major step towards speaking up for Khalil.

Did Khalil and Starr kiss in the book?

In the film Starr and Khalil kiss on the night of his death, in the book there’s sexual tension but they don’t kiss. Starr knows that Khalil is a drug dealer in both, but in the book his reasons for selling drugs and involvement with the King Lords isn’t revealed to Starr (or us) until later in the narrative.

How are Starr and Khalil connected?

How are Starr and Khalil connected? She and Khalil were childhood friends when they were younger. They were each others first kiss They were in the Hooded Trio with Natasha.

Why does Starr say The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is her favorite TV show?

Lauren Willson, M.A. Starr likes The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air because it’s funny and because she feels it relates to her life. Starr says that he thinks she knows every episode of the show word for word because it’s her favorite show of all time.

What Breakthrough do Starr and Chris have in their relationship?

Chris and Starr have a breakthrough in their relationship—Starr admits to him that she was in the car with Khalil and shares the memories of Natasha’s murder (Chapter 17, pp. 298–301). Discuss why Starr’s admission and releasing of this burden to Chris is significant.

Why is Chris mad at Starr at the start of prom?

Chris is hurt that there’s an aspect of Starr’s life she’s hidden from him. Starr explains that she’s afraid of people judging her for coming from “the ghetto.” Chris wants to know why she doesn’t trust him enough to give him the chance to prove her wrong.

What does Chris Text Starr asking for?

Chris texts Starr asking what color her prom dress is, but Starr has been too distracted to think about that; Ms. Ofrah has had her prep for her interview every day after school.

Why is the inside of Iesha’s house so much nicer than the outside what could this represent?

The interior versus exterior of Iesha’s house symbolize the fact that King has focused on immediate gratification rather than building a solid foundation for his life and family. The presence of King Lords in the backyard add to the suspense as the group searches for DeVante.

Why does Starr tell Chris they shouldn’t be together?

The two hang out in Chris’s bedroom, and Starr tells Chris that they shouldn’t be together because of the difference in their races, backgrounds, and wealth. They find DeVante and Kenya in Iesha’s bedroom; DeVante is bruised and bloody because some King Lords jumped him while he was visiting his brother’s grave.

What does an anonymous millionaire pay for Starr?

An anonymous donor offers to pay for Starr’s college tuition, and she receives a flood of emails and texts supporting her, including one from Kenya. She also receives death threats, however, and a warning from King.

Why did Khalil sell drugs in the hate you give?

This system lies at the root of Khalil’s death. Khalil began dealing drugs because of his family’s poverty, which resulted from the lack of opportunities his family had and his mother’s addiction to drugs.

Why does Starr blame herself for the riots?

The police will not arrest One-Fifteen. Starr blames herself for their inaction and the ensuing violence. Reporters emphasize Khalil’s drug dealing and gang connections, claiming there had been a gun in the car. Starr knows the King Lords won’t intervene to protect people who aren’t in the gang.

Why does Starr think Chris don’t understand her?

Chris asks Starr to explain what she means because he wants to fix things. Starr misses him and how normal he makes her feel. She decides not to tell Chris that she witnessed Khalil’s murder.

Why is Hailey angry with Starr What does she want Starr to do what is Starr’s response?

She resolves to stand up for him. She says she knew Khalil. Hailey asks why Starr lied, arguing that Starr owes her an apology because Starr accused her of racism simply because she was upset about Khalil. Hailey refuses, saying that Maya should get over it and Starr should get over Khalil.

Why is DeVante hiding from King?

DeVante admits he’s hiding from King, who wants DeVante to shoot Dalvin’s killers. DeVante doesn’t want to kill anyone. He asks Maverick how he escaped gang life. Maverick decided to quit after Starr’s birth because he realized being a King Lord was not worth dying for.

Why is DeVante hiding in the store?

When Maverick and Starr arrive back at the store they find DeVante. It becomes clear that he is trying to hide from someone; he finally admits he is trying to hide from King because King wants him to “handle”—kill—the people who killed his brother Dalvin.