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Is a complex sentence the same as a compound sentence?

A compound sentence consists of two or more independent clauses. A complex sentence has at least one independent clause plus at least one dependent clause. A set of words with no independent clause may be an incomplete sentence, also called a sentence fragment.

How is a complex sentence different from a compound sentence explain with examples?

A compound sentence has two independent clauses. Each of these clauses is equally important, they are joined by a co-ordinating conjunction that does not change the rank of either clause. For example; A complex sentence has one independent clause and at least one dependent clause.

What type of sentence is complex?

A complex sentence is a sentence that contains one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses. Example: Because life is complex, we need complex sentences. (The independent clause is in blue.

How do you teach compound complex sentences?

How to Teach Sentence Structure: Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound-Complex

  1. Be aware of misconceptions.
  2. Sequence the sentence types in a scaffolded way.
  3. Introduce sentence types with mini lessons.
  4. Give it time.
  5. Incorporate some fun.
  6. Differentiate up by requiring skill application.
  7. Focus on subjects and verbs.

Does a complex sentence need a comma?

Complex: A complex sentence contains one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses. The independent clause is called the main clause. Use a comma after the dependent clause that comes before the main clause (i.e. the dependent clause begins the sentence).

Where do you put a comma in a complex sentence?

Often, two independent clauses can be joined with a conjunction, such as and, but, or, so, yet, or any other conjunction. A comma is placed right before the conjunction in this type of complex sentence.

How do you join compound sentences?

There are three ways of joining independent clauses into a compound sentence:

  1. with a coordinating conjunction (one of the fanboys);
  2. with a semicolon; or.
  3. with a semicolon and a transitional expression.

What words are in a complex sentence?

Complex sentences are often formed by putting these words at the beginning of the dependent clause: as, as if, before, after, because, though, even though, while, when, whenever, if, during, as soon as, as long as, since, until, unless, where, and wherever.

What are some examples of compound sentences?

Compound Sentences

  • I like coffee. Mary likes tea. → I like coffee, and Mary likes tea.
  • Mary went to work. John went to the party. I went home. → Mary went to work, but John went to the party, and I went home.
  • Our car broke down. We came last. → Our car broke down; we came last.