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What does it mean to be fluorescent?

1 : giving out visible light when exposed to external radiation a fluorescent substance a fluorescent coating. 2 : producing visible light by means of a fluorescent coating a fluorescent bulb. 3 : extremely bright or glowing fluorescent colors.

What is the verb form of fluorescent?

intransitive verb. : to produce, undergo, or exhibit fluorescence.

Is fluorescent a word?

fluorescent Add to list Share. You can also use fluorescent to describe something that’s so vivid and bright it seems to give off light. Fluorescent is related to the word fluorspar, or fluorite, which is a mineral that glows.

What is another name for fluorescent?

What is another word for fluorescent?

bright luminous
incandescent flaming
brilliant radiant
dazzling effulgent
phosphorescent luminescent

Is it fluorescent or florescent?

As adjectives the difference between fluorescent and florescent. is that fluorescent is of or relating to fluorescence while florescent is flowering or budding.

What is the opposite of fluorescent lights?

More important, incandescence operates on the red, or warm, end of the color spectrum. Fluorescence works at the opposite end, with cool blue. Incandescent light burns warmly with radiance, like a flushed, happy face. It smolders, hearth-like, when it’s dimmed.

What is in fluorescent lights?

A fluorescent lamp consists of a glass tube filled with a mixture of argon and mercury vapour. Metal electrodes at each end are coated with an alkaline earth oxide that gives off electrons easily. When current flows through the gas between the electrodes, the gas is ionized and emits ultraviolet radiation.

What does fluorescence and phosphorescence mean?

Phosphorescence is light energy produced by a particular type of chemical reactionwhere the excess chemical energy of the reactants is given off as light energy. Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation. It is a form of luminescence.

What is an example of malevolent?

Malevolent is defined as someone or something that is harmful or evil. An example of someone malevolent is the wicked queen in the story of Snow White.

What is an escapist called?

An escapist is someone who doesn’t live in the real world, but dreams, wishes, and fantasizes instead. If you’re an escapist, you might avoid thinking about unpleasant things by playing video games for hours. The goal for an escapist is to escape the difficulties of life and their own feelings through these diversions.

Why is escapism bad?

Studies have suggested those who use escapism are often depressed. It seems if we don’t deal with our issues, and we avoid them we could be at risk of developing a higher level of depressive symptoms. Addiction to the internet has shown overuse of such is often linked to loneliness and compulsiveness.