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What does Pieris mean?

1 : a small genus of American and Asiatic evergreen shrubs (family Ericaceae) having white flowers in bracted racemes and a cylindrical or urn-shaped corolla — see japanese andromeda , mountain fetterbush. 2 : the type genus of Pieridae containing the common cabbage butterflies.

How is Chelmsford pronounce?

Chelmsford, MA has /ˈtʃɛlmsfərd/ suggesting “Chelmsferd” with a pronounced R, which is correct for the local New England accent but the UK (Estuary) pronunciation is closer to “Chelmzfuhd” /ˈtʃɛlmzfʊd/.

How do you spell Aurora the princess?

Princess Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty or Briar Rose, is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Productions’ 16th animated feature film Sleeping Beauty (1959). Originally voiced by singer Mary Costa, Aurora is the only child of King Stefan and Queen Leah.

What’s the real name of Sleeping Beauty?


What is Moana’s age?

16 years old

What is the tallest Disney princess?

Heights and ages of the Disney Princesses

  • Snow White. Height: 5’2. Age: about 14.
  • Cinderella. Height: 5’4. Age: 16/18 (varies according to merchandise, source and so forth.
  • Aurora. Height: 5’6 (the tallest princess) Age: 16.
  • Ariel. Height: 5’4 (human version, lol)
  • Belle. Height: 5’5.
  • Jasmine. Height: 5’1 (she’s the shortest :P)

Who is taller Anna or Elsa?

According to Frozen director, Jennifer Lee, Elsa stands at approximately 5’7″, while Anna is a more average 5’5.” Lee admits she may be off by a couple of inches as their heights are from her memory, but recalls these as the correct measurements for the sisters.

How tall is OLAF and Elsa?

Unless the people of Arandelle are giant, Olaf being 5’4″ is simply not possible. As per the Frozen Wiki, Elsa’s official height is 5’7″. Based on the movies, where Olaf is roughly half of Elsa’s height, that would place the snowman right around 2’8″ – which is much closer to his appearance in the Frozen films.

How tall is Rapunzel Tangled?


Is Rapunzel tall?

Height: 5’1” Weight: 95 lbs Age: 18.

How old is Flynn tangled?


How tall is Varian tangled?

Rapunzel is 5′4″, canonically, so looking at them standing next to each other, I’l put Varian at 5′2″ – 5′3″.

Does Varian have a crush on Rapunzel?

He also apparently has a crush on her from the way he asks Rapunzel and Eugene if Cassandra is going to be at the event when he presents his new invention. He uses alchemy to help Cassandra clean up the castle and set up the event.

How old is Varian tangled?

fourteen year old

How tall is Adira tangled?