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What happened when Johnny Tremain met with Jonathan Lyte one on one?

When he finally meets Mr. Lyte, the rich merchant cruelly laughs at Johnny, insults his mother, and tries to send him away. However, Johnny carefully describes the cup that his mother left him to prove that he is related to the Lytes. Mr.

Who is Mr Lyte in Johnny Tremain?

Lavinia Lyte TremainRab SilsbeeJonathan TremainPriscilla LaphamEphraim Lapham

What does Mr Lyte accuse Johnny of doing?

Mr. Lyte accuses Johnny of stealing the silver cup back in August.

Who does Johnny Tremain marry?

Plot summary. The story begins on July 23, 1773, in the Boston silversmith shop of elderly Ephraim Lapham, where Johnny is a promising 14-year-old apprentice. It is understood that someday he will marry Mr. Lapham’s granddaughter Cilla to keep the shop within the Lapham family.

Does Rab like Cilla?

Rab takes an interest in her, as does a young British soldier named Pumpkin, but it is Johnny that she has cared for all along. Like many colonists, she becomes an ardent Whig, and she refuses to leave for London with the rest of the Lyte household, including Isannah, on the eve of the Revolution.

Does Johnny like Cilla?

No, Johnny Tremain does not marry Cilla in the novel Johnny Tremain.

Does Johnny Tremain kiss Cilla?

Cilla Lapham Johnny does finally kiss Cilla before he leaves to find Rab and Doctor Warren, but we don’t get a whole lot more explanation of their relationship.

Why does Cilla slap Isannah?

Why does Johnny slap Isannah? lavinia light treats issahnna well She doesn’t treat Cilla nice, she treats her as a servant. He slaps isahnna because she was hardly wearing any clothes.

How did Rab get Cilla to court?

How did Rab get Cilla to court? He showed Mrs. Lapham a letter signed and sealed by the governor.

How does Johnny react to Mr Tweedie’s presence?

Tweedie’s presence? Johnny constantly insults and accuses Tweedie which does not earn Tweedie’s respect for Johnny.

Where did Johnny sleep while working for Mr Lorne?

They agree that Mr. Lorne will room, feed, and clothe Johnny, and he’ll sleep in the attic with Rab.

Why did Johnny Tremain need a whistle?

The Dartmouth, the Eleanor, and the Beaver. What did Johnny have to do on Sam Adams words, on the day of the Boston Tea Party? Johnny had to blow the whistle while running back to Rab. He needed to strengthen his left arm because he needed to chop open the tea chests.

Who does Johnny recognize on the boat while he is destroying the tea?

Johnny notices Dove among the participants. Instead of throwing the tea overboard, Dove is stealing tea, thereby undermining the moral high ground of the political protesters.

Who most wants to use violence to destroy the English tea in Johnny Tremain?

Sam Adams

What happens in chapter 5 of Johnny Tremain?

Fresh off his court victory over Merchant Lyte, Johnny starts a new life in chapter 5 of Esther Forbes’s Johnny Tremain. Johnny delivers newspapers for the Observer, moves in with Rab, gets involved in politics, and becomes closer with Rab.

What does Johnny learn from Rab?

Johnny learns to write with his left hand, because Rab gives him papers to copy, taking it for granted that Johnny will find a way to copy them. To earn extra money, Johnny begins delivering letters, but Johnny uses most of his free time reading the books in Mr. Lorne’s ample library.

What happens in chapter 9 of Johnny Tremain?

In chapter 9 of Esther Forbes’s Johnny Tremain, Paul Revere organizes an intricate spy system to closely watch the British movements. Immediately upon learning this, Johnny leaves to go tell Paul Revere what he knows. Paul Revere leaves without hesitation, and travels overnight to Portsmouth.

What happens in chapter 4 of Johnny Tremain?

Summary: Chapter IV: The Rising Eye. Lyte thinks that Johnny is a conniving impostor, but Johnny announces that he can prove his story with a silver cup bearing the Lyte seal. Lyte urges Johnny to bring the cup to his house that evening.

What does the rising eye mean in Johnny Tremain?

The rising eye is a symbol of the power and influence of the Lyte family, and at the beginning of the novel, Johnny is fascinated with the symbol just as he is fascinated with the family.

What happens in Chapter 8 of Johnny Tremain?

Summary: Chapter VIII: A World to Come The Lytes escape from their country house and head toward Boston with only the clothing on their backs. Jonathan Lyte has an anxiety attack due to the scare, so Doctor Warren instructs Lavinia to keep him away from stress.

What happened in chapter 3 of Johnny Tremain?

In chapter 3 of Esther Forbes’s Johnny Tremain, life is different for Johnny. He can’t find work and everything he does is scrutinized; how much food he eats and how much time he spends in the house is watched closely. Just his presence makes Mrs. However, Cilla will secretly put food in his jacket pocket.

Why doesn’t Mr Hancock give Johnny a job?

He goes far to get a job because no one knew about what happened to his hand. This shows that he is very brave. He becomes a clockmaker because he doesn’t need two hands for this job.

Why does Johnny Tremain live with the Lapham family?

He lives with an elderly master silversmith, Mr. Johnny has a special status within the Lapham house because he is considered the most talented young silversmith in Boston, and his skill brings in enough money to comfortably support the family.

What does Johnny Tremain buy for Isannah?

With the last of his money, he buys a bunch of limes for Isannah, and he buys Cilla a book he thinks she’ll be able to read and some pastel crayons.

What does Mr Lyte say the punishment for Johnny should be during his trial?

What punishment does Merchant Lyte request for Johnny’s crime? He thinks Johnny should receive the death penalty, which means he thinks he should be hanged.

Who offers Johnny a job as a silversmith apprentice?

Fourteen-year-old Johnny Tremain is the gifted apprentice of Ephraim Lapham, a silversmith in Revolutionary-era Boston.

What lesson did Johnny learn when he read out of the Bible?

What lesson did Johnny learn when he read out of the Bible? That pride is not good so he should be humble.

What does Johnny mean when he thinks Mr Lapham can sell his time to M Revere?

Lapham for more than the normal price, but Johnny refuses the honor. He explains to Revere that he is the Laphams’ chief breadwinner and cannot abandon them.

Why does Johnny vow to get even with Dove?

Why does Johnny vow to get even with Dove? He finds out Dove gave him a broken crucible, which caused the accident.

What does Johnny Tremain look like?

When we first meet Johnny, he is arrogant, ambitious, slightly cruel, and wholly self-centered. In part, these vicious character traits stem from his prodigious gifts: he is unusually bright and well educated for an apprentice, and he is widely considered the most talented young silversmith in Boston.