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What is a good sentence for linger?

Examples of linger in a Sentence They lingered over coffee after dinner. The heat lingered long after the sun had gone down. The smell of her perfume lingered. The idea lingered in their minds.

What does lingering mean?

to remain or stay on in a place longer than is usual or expected, as if from reluctance to leave: We lingered awhile after the party. to remain alive; continue or persist, although gradually dying, ceasing, disappearing, etc.: She lingered a few months after the heart attack.

How do you use lingers?

The leopard is not protected, but lingers in the mountainous districts. Domestic slavery lingers but is moribund. If any system deserves that name, it is that of village assessment, which still lingers in the memories of the people in the south.

What is the best antonym for undaunted?

antonyms of undaunted

  • cowardly.
  • shrinking.

Which word is similar to undaunted unopened unafraid?

Mutual synonyms

  • gallant.
  • game.
  • daring.
  • bold.
  • audacious.
  • brave.
  • courageous.
  • confident.

Is Unfazed a real word?

adjective. not dismayed or disconcerted; undaunted: He was unfazed by his previous failures.

What’s another word for Unfazed?

What is another word for unfazed?

calm composed
cool collected
serene tranquil
placid unperturbed
unworried nonchalant

How do you use unfazed in a sentence?

Unfazed Sentence Examples Pierre was unfazed by his raised voice and continued playing a game on his phone. He was unfazed by the idea that traumatized her. Wynn would’ve seen them walking over but was unfazed by the two men who terrified her. Unfazed by Gabe’s attempt to hack him into pieces, Rhyn sat beside him.

What does sabotaging mean?

: to destroy or damage (something) deliberately so that it does not work correctly. : to cause the failure of (something) deliberately. See the full definition for sabotage in the English Language Learners Dictionary. sabotage.

What does sabotaging yourself mean?

Self-sabotage refers to behaviors or thought patterns that hold you back and prevent you from doing what you want to do.

How do I stop sabotaging?

4 Ways to Prevent Sabotage from Low Performers

  1. Have a process to hold the team accountable for results. The toughest part can be identifying if someone is truly performing poorly, and why.
  2. Identify people that aren’t delivering.
  3. Be upfront with them.
  4. If it doesn’t work, make a change quickly.

How do you know if someone is sabotaging you?

They tell lies to your boss or your colleagues about your work. If someone is actively trying to sabotage you, they might lie to your boss or colleagues about your work. If you head out for lunch with a client and your colleague tells your boss it’s social, be wary.

Why am I self sabotaging my relationship?

One of the main reasons why people sabotage their relationships is the fear of intimacy. People are afraid of intimacy when they fear emotional or physical closeness with other people. Everyone wants and needs intimacy.

How do you sabotage work?

Instructions for employees

  1. “Tell important callers the boss is busy or talking on another telephone.” Check.
  2. “Spread disturbing rumors that sound like inside dope.” Check.
  3. “Work slowly.
  4. “Contrive as many interruptions to your work as you can.

How do you prove sabotage?

The key to proving sabotage is documentation and witnesses. Where computers or other electronic devices are involved in the sabotage, a computer forensics expert is essential. Sabotage comes in many forms. The one common denominator in sabotage is that the conduct, no matter what form it takes, is cruel and malicious.

What to do when someone is trying to make you look bad at work?

Be Direct. Instead of complaining to the boss, Weinlick says you should speak directly to the coworker. This approach was the most common way of handling the situation, according to the Creative Group study. “Ask them in a constructive manner why they don’t think you are the right person for the job,” he says.

How do you deal with an employee who is trying to sabotage you?

  1. If you suspect a colleague is trying to sink your career, here’s what you’ll want to do:
  2. Don’t assume bad intentions. “
  3. Be alert.
  4. Confide in a co-worker.
  5. Take notes.
  6. Confront the culprit.
  7. Don’t sabotage the saboteur.
  8. Take it to your manager or HR.

How do you deal with someone who is trying to discredit you?

How to Deal with Someone Who is Trying to Discredit You

  1. Ignore what they say and do.
  2. Don’t talk to others who are close to them.
  3. As hard as it may be to do this, be the bigger person, especially when others are watching.
  4. Don’t let them know what your triggers are.
  5. Un-friend them completely if possible.
  6. Make allies.

How do you tell if your boss is trying to get rid of you?

10 Signs Your Boss Wants You to Quit

  1. You don’t get new, different or challenging assignments anymore.
  2. You don’t receive support for your professional growth.
  3. Your boss avoids you.
  4. Your daily tasks are micromanaged.
  5. You’re excluded from meetings and conversations.
  6. Your benefits or job title changed.