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What is another name for metals?

What is another word for metal?

alloy hardware
ingot mineral
ore casting
deposit foil
leaf load

What is metal word?

1 : any of various opaque, fusible, ductile, and typically lustrous substances that are good conductors of electricity and heat, form cations by loss of electrons, and yield basic oxides and hydroxides especially : one that is a chemical element as distinguished from an alloy. 2a : mettle sense 1a.

How do you describe metal?

A metal (from Greek μέταλλον métallon, “mine, quarry, metal”) is a material that, when freshly prepared, polished, or fractured, shows a lustrous appearance, and conducts electricity and heat relatively well. Metals are typically malleable (they can be hammered into thin sheets) or ductile (can be drawn into wires).

What is metal antonym?

Consisting completely of metal. Antonyms. nonmetallic metalloid nonmetal.

What is another word for heavy metal?

What is another word for heavy metal?

thrash metal
thrash metal death metal
heavy rock

Which are heavy metals?

6 Heavy Metals. Heavy metals are a group of metals and metalloids that have relatively high density and are toxic even at ppb levels [16]. Examples include Pb, As, Hg, Cd, Zn, Ag, Cu, Fe, Cr, Ni, Pd, and Pt.

What’s another word for toxic?

What is another word for toxic?

poisonous venomous
toxiferous virulent
baneful deadly
destructive harmful
lethal pestiferous

What is a synonym for heavy?

bulky, huge, excessive, awkward, unwieldy, big, fat, large, burdensome, substantial, massive, hefty, cumbersome, abundant, considerable, weighty, tedious, onerous, tough, harsh.

How would you describe something heavy?

Something that’s heavy weighs a lot, either physically or emotionally. It’s hard to lift a heavy backpack, and it’s hard to handle a heavy topic, like the meaning of life. Bulky, substantial things are heavy, and you can also describe people as heavy, especially if they’re big-boned and carry a lot of weight.

What do you call a heavy object?

weight. noun. any heavy object, especially one that is difficult to lift or move.

What are the 5 example of simile?

Following are some more examples of similes regularly used in writing:

  • You were as brave as a lion.
  • They fought like cats and dogs.
  • He is as funny as a barrel of monkeys.
  • This house is as clean as a whistle.
  • He is as strong as an ox.
  • Your explanation is as clear as mud.
  • Watching the show was like watching grass grow.

How do you write a powerful description?

Don’t just tell us what something looks like, tell us how it sounds, how it tastes.

  1. Be specific. Avoid summary in your descriptions.
  2. Limit modifiers. It’s bad timing given my last example, but try to cut down on your adjectives and adverbs.
  3. Use figurative language.
  4. Get to the point.

Is it to heavy or too heavy?

Both are correct but have slightly different nuances of meaning. “He is too heavy to lift” tends to suggest that he cannot be lifted because the person or people trying to lift him are not strong enough to lift him.

What does too heavy mean?

1 bulky, hefty, massive, ponderous, portly, weighty. 2 burdensome, difficult, grievous, hard, harsh, intolerable, laborious, onerous, oppressive, severe, tedious, vexatious, wearisome.

Does Heavy mean cool?

The Meaning of HEAVY. So now you know – HEAVY means “Awesome, good” or “Serious, intense” – don’t thank us. HEAVY is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the HEAVY definition is given.

How do you say so difficult?

“Treating seriously injured casualties in extreme cold weather conditions is very difficult.”…What is another word for very difficult?

fiendishly difficult tremendously difficult
very hard arduous
burdensome demanding
onerous punishing
hard tough

How do you say something is hard to do?

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing:

  1. It’s not so easy..
  2. It’s a bit tricky..
  3. It’s not the easiest ___ in the world..
  4. It’s quite tough at times..
  5. It’s (quite / a bit) hard going..
  6. It’s nigh on impossible..
  7. The course is quite demanding.
  8. The course can be gruelling at times.

How do you say very hard in other words?

What is another word for very hard?

hard arduous
harsh painstaking
wearisome wearying
torturous excruciating
daunting trying