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What is the formula mass of barium phosphate?

601.93 g/mol

How many grams are in barium phosphate?

601.93 g

What is the molar mass of Ba3?

601.9237 g/mol

Why is potassium phosphate used in food?

Potassium Phosphate in Food Potassium phosphate helps stabilize, thicken and maintain the pH (acidity or alkalinity) and moisture in processed foods, according to the joint Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) expert committee on food additives.

Where is potassium phosphate found?

The majority of phosphorus in the body is found in the bones. The potassium and sodium salt forms of phosphorus are called phosphates. Potassium phosphate and sodium phosphate is a combination medicine used to make the urine more acid to help prevent kidney stones.

Is potassium phosphate a base or acid?

Tripotassium phosphate (potassium phosphate tribasic, K3PO4) is a strong inorganic base (pKa = 12.32 for the conjugate acid).

What is another name for potassium phosphate?

Tripotassium phosphate

What is the pH of CaCl2?

pH 7.5

Is h2c2o4 a base or acid?

Oxalic acid has much greater acid strength than acetic acid. It is a reducing agent and its conjugate base, known as oxalate (C2O2−4), is a chelating agent for metal cations. Typically, oxalic acid occurs as the dihydrate with the formula C2H2O4·2H2O….CHEBI:16995 – oxalic acid.

ChEBI Name oxalic acid

Is C6H5COO an acid or base?

(a) The ions are K+ and ClO4-, which come from a strong base (KOH) and a strong acid (HClO4). The salt solution will be neutral. (b) Na+ comes from the strong base NaOH while C6H5COO- is the anion of a weak organic acid. The salt solution will be basic.

Is febr3 acid or base?

Iron(III) bromide is the chemical compound with the formula FeBr3. Also known as ferric bromide, this red-brown odorless compound is used as a Lewis acid catalyst in the halogenation of aromatic compounds.

Is BR an acid or base?

Ka Acid Base
1.0 * 109 Hydrobromic acid Br-
1.3 * 106 Hydrochloric acid Cl-
1.0 * 103 Sulfuric acid HSO4 –
2.4 * 101 Nitric acid NO3 –

Is H2SO3 an acid or base?

Sulfurous acid, H2SO3, is a weak acid capable of providing two H+ ions (pKa1 = 1.9, pKa2 = 7.0).

Is NaCN an acid or base?

NaCN is a basic salt which is formed from a weak acid HCN and a strong base NaOH. NaCN is called Sodium cyanide.

Is naclo4 an acid or base?

Sodium perchlorate is a powerful oxidizer, albeit it’s not as powerful as its potassium counterpart due to its hygroscopicity. It will react with a strong mineral acid, such as hydrochloric acid, to form perchloric acid….Is hco2h an acid or base?

Ka Acid Base
1.8 * 10-5 Ethanoic acid CH3COO

Is h2po4 an acid or base?

H2P04- is an acid and when it is in water it forms a hydronium ion and HPO4-, which is the conjugate base.

What are 7 strong acids?

There are 7 strong acids: chloric acid, hydrobromic acid, hydrochloric acid, hydroiodic acid, nitric acid, perchloric acid, and sulfuric acid.

Which is stronger H2PO4 or HPO4?

Remember HPO4 has a minus 2 charge and it wants to go back to a zero charge not to a minus 3. H3PO4 is a weak acid, after the first H+ has left, the next acid H2PO4^- is weaker because the left part has a larger minus charge. So the last acid HPO4^2- must be the weakest.

Is acetic acid a strong acid?

Strong acids are 100% ionized in solution. Weak acids are only slightly ionized. Phosphoric acid is stronger than acetic acid and so is ionized to a greater extent….Strong and Weak Acids and Acid Ionization Constant.

Acid Conjugate Base
CH 3 COOH (acetic acid) CH 3 COO − (acetate ion)