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What is the meaning of egg rasher?

Jonathan gets an “egg rasher” (a butchered pronunciation of the Latin ex gratia, which translates into “as a favor”) for turning in rebel currency to the Treasury, and in exchange they gave him 20 pounds legitimate currency. The next night, a large group of robbers show up at his house demanding 100 pounds.

What is the main theme of civil peace?

In Civil Peace by Chinua Achebe we have the theme of gratitude, optimism, struggle, survival, resilience and acceptance.

What deal does Jonathan work out with the thieves in civil peace?

What is the outcome of Jonathan Iwegbu’s confrontation with the thieves in “Civil Peace”? Jonathan gives them his egg-rasher, and they leave him and his family alone.

How much did Jonathan charge per trip civil peace?

Describe how Jonathan made money by using his bike. He put it to use as a taxi to help camp officials travel across the 4 mike stretch to the nearest tarred road. He charged 6 pounds per trip and amassed one hundred and fifteen pounds after two weeks.

Who knocks on the door in the middle of the night in civil peace?

Answer Expert Verified. In the novel, ‘Civil Peace’ by Chinua Achebe, THE THIEVES KNOCK THE DOOR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. The story, ‘Civil Peace’ by Chinua Achebe, which was written in 1971 talks about the impact of the civil war on the Nigerian people and the kind of life that the people lived after the war….

What was the bonus blessing that Jonathan had received?

He has been given a bonus as well – a bicycle, which is priceless in value because it enables him to make a living ferrying camp officials from place to place. He also considers himself fortunate because his simple house, the work of his hands, still stands, while huge concrete edifices have been reduced to rubble.

Why do references to luck and wonder appear so frequently?

The author’s references to luck and wonder appear frequently so that the reader will take note of them and realize their importance….

What are the five inestimable blessings for which Jonathan is grateful in civil peace?

He had 4 kids, but one died during the civil war. What are Jonathan’s “five inestimable blessings” for which Johnathan is grateful? 5 heads, his head, his wives head, and his 3 out of 4 kids heads.

What does Jonathan mean by nothing puzzles God?

In the story “Civil Peace,” Jonathan says “Nothing puzzles God” every time something miraculous happens. It means that anything can happen, but God, being omniscient, is not surprised even when mortals are surprised. The last time he uses it is at the end of the story after his family is robbed of the ex gratia.

Who wrote civil peace?

Chinua Achebe

How much money do the thieves ask for civil peace?

After establishing the thieves’ dominance and Jonathan’s helplessness, the leader demands one hundred pounds from Jonathan in exchange for Jonathan’s family’s safety.