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What is the theme of Lullaby by Leslie Marmon Silko?

One theme of “Lullaby” is the language barrier between the Native American woman and the white authorities whose language she cannot understand. Silko’s concern with Native American culture and tradition in the modern world encompasses a desire to preserve Native American speaking styles, if not the language itself.

Which excerpt from Leslie Marmon Silkos story The Man to Send Rain Clouds contains a simile?

The “. . . the water fell through the light from sundown like August rain that fell while the sun was still shining” is the excerpt from Leslie Marmon Silko’s story “The Man to Send Rain Clouds” that contains a simile….

Which detail in this excerpt indicate that Leon and his family still carry out traditional pueblo practices?

The correct answer is D) the medicine bags and the sprinkle cornmeal. The detail in the excerpt that indicates that Leon and his family still carry out traditional Pueblo practices is the medicine bags and the sprinkle cornmeal….

How are memories significant to the experience of loss depicted in lullaby?

Loss is at the heart of Ayah’s memories in “Lullaby.” She lost unnamed and unnumbered babies shortly after their birth, her son Jimmie to war, and her younger children Danny and Ella to the white man’s assimilation policies. Although each blow hits harder than the last, Ayah manages to survive.

What is the snow in the wind being compared to at the beginning of the story lullaby?

The sound of the wind reminds her of the songs of the holy people, the Yeibechei, and the snow is like the tufts of wool that her mother and grandmother wove when she was a little girl.

Who is Jimmy lullaby?


Character Description
Chato Chato is Ayah’s husband.
Danny Danny is Ayah’s younger son. He was taken away by the white doctors.
Ella Ella is Ayah’s toddler daughter. She was taken away by the white doctors.
Jimmie Jimmie was Ayah’s eldest son. He died while fighting in the U.S. Army.