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What medical discovery was made by Charles Drew?

Blood Banking

When was the first blood donation?


Who invented plasma bags?

Charles Drew

Who were Drew’s parents?

Nora Burrell

What was Charles Drew’s main interest in high school?

Charles’ main interest in school was sports. He was a standout athlete in many sports including football, basketball, track, and baseball. After high school, Charles attended Amherst College where he received a scholarship to play sports. During college Charles became interested in medicine.

Who came up with blood transfusions?

William Harvey’s

What did Charles Drew do as a child?

Early Life Charles Richard Drew, born in 1904 in Washington, DC, was an African-American doctor. He grew up in Washington DC and spent much of his childhood playing sports.

What challenges did Charles R Drew face?

Athletics at Amherst forced Drew to face one of those other challenges–racism. Though a popular, celebrated athlete at a liberal college, Drew was still one of only 13 African Americans in a student body of 600.

What high school did Charles Drew go to?

McGill University – Faculty of Medicine1928–1933

When did Drew die?


Why did Charles Drew invent the blood bank?

Drew was chosen to set up a system for storing blood and for its transfusion, a project nicknamed “Blood for Britain.” This prototypical blood bank collected blood from 15,000 people for soldiers and civilians in World War II Britain and paved the way for the American Red Cross blood bank, of which he was the first …

Where was Drew born?

Washington, D.C., United States

Where did Dr Charles Drew die?

Cone Health Alamance Regional Medical Center, Burlington, North Carolina, United States

How old was Dr Charles Drew?

45 years (1904–1950)

Who was Charles Drew’s wife?

Minnie Lenore Robbinsm. 1939

How was the blood transfusion done in centuries?

The first research into blood transfusion dates back to the 17th Century when British physician William Harvey fully described the circulation and properties of blood in 1628. The first blood transfusions were also attempted around this time, although these were often unsuccessful and proved fatal in humans.

Whats does Plasma do?

Plasma carries water, salts and enzymes. The main role of plasma is to take nutrients, hormones, and proteins to the parts of the body that need it. The plasma then helps remove this waste from the body. Blood plasma also carries all parts of the blood through your circulatory system.