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What was the purpose of the ceremony described in Chapter 10 things fall apart?

What was the purpose of the ceremony described in Chapter 10? A woman’s birth family was having a dispute with her husband because he was mistreating her. The only decision the man would accept in the case was that of the symbolic meeting of the clan spirits.

What was the purpose of the Egwugwu ceremony described in Chapter 10 *?

Summary: Chapter 10 The village holds a ceremonial gathering to administer justice. The clan’s ancestral spirits, which are known as egwugwu, emerge from a secret house into which no woman is allowed to step. The egwugwu take the form of masked men, and everyone suspects that Okonkwo is among them.

What was the purpose of the URI ceremony in things fall apart?

What was the purpose of the uri ceremony? It was the celebration of the bride’s marriage, where the groom brought palm wine to the village.

What function do the Egwugwu serve in the ceremony presented in this chapter?

courting system

Why did Okonkwo not want to be like his father?

As you can imagine, Okonkwo resents his father a great deal for the lack of work ethic when he was alive, as well as his overall refusal to provide for his family. He also fears becoming his father, because Unoka had no interest in wrestling, fighting, or general bloodshed.

How does Unoka affect Okonkwo?

Unoka exerts a powerful and entirely negative influence on his son’s life. Okonkwo sets out to be everything that his father was not: rich, strong, fierce, respected, a great warrior, and a pillar of the tribe.

What is the climax of things fall apart?

The climax occurs when the Igbo are having there meeting regarding the crimes of the Christians and Okonkwo ends up killing a smug Christian messenger. At this point the village is fifty/fifty about going to war, but Okonkwo’s brash actions lead to the Igbo letting the Christians live in peace.