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Whats does concern mean?

1 : a feeling of worry or care about a person or thing concern for the poor a cause for concern. 2 : something that causes worry or is regarded as important The students’ safety is her main concern. 3 : something that relates to or involves a person : affair This is not your concern.

What is another word for concerns?

Some common synonyms of concern are anxiety, care, solicitude, and worry.

Is concern an adjective?

concerned adjective (WORRIED)

What type of noun is concern?

[uncountable] a desire to protect and help someone or something parents’ concern for their children I appreciate everyone’s concern and help at this difficult time. [countable] something that is important to a person, an organization, etc.

How do you describe a concern?

Here are some adjectives for concern: main, chief, reliable, legitimate, slightest professional, small, illegitimate, innocently altruistic, considerate, serious, solid, well-established, irrational maternal, sober, conscientious, fleeting maternal, field-marshal deep, vague, unidentified, general and unaffected.

What does Main or top concern mean?

1 to relate to; be of importance or interest to; affect. 2 usually foll by: with or in to involve or interest (oneself) he concerns himself with other people’s affairs.

What is the opposite of a concern?

concern. Antonyms: indifference, disregard, carelessness, congratulation, chuckling.

Are worry and concern the same thing?

What is the difference between Worry and Concern? Concern is when an issue arrests the attention of an individual where he would begin to care and feel distressed. This will be followed by trying to find solutions. Worrying is about being uneasy or anxious about something.

What is the difference between care and concern?

As verbs the difference between concern and care is that concern is to be of importance to while care is to be concerned about, have an interest in.

What does very concerning mean?

: causing concern or worry : creating reason for concern : troubling found the latest reports very concerning “It’s extremely concerning that drivers still choose to give their attention to things other than the road when they’re behind the wheel,” said [Texas Department of Transportation] Executive Director James Bass …

What is a concerning person?

kən-sûrnd. Filters. The definition of concerned is someone who is troubled, worried or anxious. Someone who is very worried is an example of a person who would be described as concerned.

What does I am concerned mean?

phrase. You can say ‘as far as I’m concerned’ to indicate that you are giving your own opinion. As far as I’m concerned the officials incited the fight.

Are concerned with meaning?

1 : interested in She was more concerned with flirting than with getting the job done. 2 : having to do with : about The memo is chiefly concerned with hiring policies.

How do you use raise concern in a sentence?

raise concern in a sentence

  1. A weaker yen rattles investors, raising concern on imported inflation.
  2. The shakeup itself did not appear to raise concerns among investors.
  3. The order raised concerns about U .
  4. Electricidad’s financial situation is increasingly raising concern among investors.

What is the opposite stunned?

Antonyms of STUNNED blase, not surprised, oriented, clear, alert, casual, clear-thinking, unsurprised, nonchalant, unruffled, understanding, unconfused.

What are two synonyms for stunned?

other words for stunned

  • bewildered.
  • confused.
  • overwhelmed.
  • shocked.
  • speechless.
  • startled.
  • surprised.
  • stupefied.