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Which is more reactive C2H6 or C2H4 Why?

Ethene C2H4 is more reactive than ethane C2H6 due to presence of double bond. One of double bond is weak called pie bond which make ethene more reactive.

Which is more reactive CH4 C2H6 C2H4 C2H2?

Unsaturated hydrocarbons are more reactive than saturated hydrocarbons. Among ethyneethyne (C2H2) and methane (C2H4) the later is more reactive as C≡C triple bond is quite strong bond and therefore ethyne generally require catalysts (like Hg2+ etc) in its reactions.

Which is more electronegative C2H2 or C2H6?

If we talking about shape then obviously electrons in spherical shaped orbital are more closer than elongated lobs. This means that the electrostatic force of attraction is more in higher s character and hence the electronegativity.

Is C2H2 more stable than C2H4?

C2H2 has sp hybridisation which means it has maximum bond polarity as maximum s character is there so obviously it becomes most acidic. C2H4 ethelene has sp2 hybrudisation and hence comparatively less s character in the C-H bond thus less acidic than C2H2.

Does ethanol have a double bond?

Methanol is also known as methyl alcohol; ethanol is ethyl alcohol, etc. 1) For those compounds which contain both a double bond and a hydroxyl group, the infix -an- is changed to -en- and the suffix -ol is added.

Why is C2H4 not an acid?

The correct option is: b C2H4 Explanation:In BF3 and FeCl3 molecules the central atoms have incomplete octet and in SiF4 the central atom has empty d-orbitals. Hence according to Lewis concept these are Lewis acids.

Can c2h2 act as Lewis acid?

Is CO2 a Lewis acid or base? Ans. CO2 is a Lewis acid since it has a slightly positive charge on the C atom, due to significant electronegativity difference with oxygen, and can attract electrons.

What is the central atom in methanol?

In Methanol, Carbon is the central atom, and all the other atoms are placed around it.

What Vsepr shape is methanol?


Is methanol a dipole dipole force?

Methanol is polar, and will exhibit dipole interactions. It also contains the -OH alcohol group which will allow for hydrogen bonding.