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Which of the following describes Codominance?

(See both traits) Codominance is both phenotypes of both homozygous to be produced in heterozygous individuals. An example of this would be a black chicken. Both are the conbinations of 2 different alleles.

Which of the following is an example of Codominance in genetic traits quizlet?

Codominance is the type of inheritance that occurs when a heterozygote displays both alleles equally. An example would be AB blood type in humans or a red and white striped flower.

Which of the following is an example of codominant color inheritance?

A dog that has fur that consists of colors of both parents will be an example of codominance. Only one trait can be expressed at a time, since they are both dominant phenotypes. This results in regions of one dominant allele and regions of the other, showing a spotted or mottled pattern.

Which is a human example of Codominance?

Codominance means that neither allele can mask the expression of the other allele. An example in humans would be the ABO blood group, where alleles A and alleles B are both expressed. So if an individual inherits allele A from their mother and allele B from their father, they have blood type AB.

What is the definition of recessive trait?

: being or produced by a form of a gene whose effect can be hidden by a dominant gene and which can produce a noticeable effect only when two copies of the gene are present Blue eye color is a recessive trait. recessive. adjective.

Is a person abnormal who expresses the recessive characteristic of a trait?

People with one copy of an abnormal gene for a recessive trait (and who thus do not have the disorder) are called carriers. With codominant traits, both copies of a gene are expressed to some extent. An example of a codominant trait is blood type. X-linking also determines expression.

What is trait and character?

The main difference between trait and character is that a trait is a state of a character, which is a distinct variation of a phenotypic characteristic of an organism whereas a character is a recognizable feature, which helps in the identification of the organism.